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Your Healing Journey Starts Now...

Hello, I'm Christine...


I believe we are all fluid souls on a never-ending journey of expansion, transformation, and healing.


When beginning your healing journey it is common to feel lost and overwhelmed. As you start to unpack buried traumas and sift through outdated thought patterns you may encounter significant roadblocks, fears, and sabotaging patterns. You may wonder if you'll ever make it to the other side so you can begin to live your best, most authentic, soul-inspired life. 

I fully understand where you currently are, because I have been there. I have struggled to share my voice, faced debilitating fears, and done all I could to overcome people-pleasing patterns that drained me and left me empty and depleted. 

If you are struggling or yearning for support on your sacred journey I am here with a kind, compassionate heart and years of experience to assist you. Together we can unravel these issues holding you back and clear space for your bright new beginnings.


I am truly honored to help you heal and recover from the ups and downs that life can sometimes throw at you. And, whenever you are ready, I am here to assist you as you dive into your true potential and claim your power. 

My approaches combined with the healing light of Reiki can help with: 

- Releasing Sabotaging Patterns

- Healing Old Traumas

- Releasing Outdated Patterns

- Moving Through Grief 

- Overcoming Fear 

- Releasing Addiction

- Healing Depression & Low Self-Esteem

- Manifesting Your Greatest Desires 

- Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Body

- Building Greater Levels Of Self-Love

- Enhancing Your Connection With Spirit Guides, Angels & Higherself

- Uncovering & Enhancing Your Spiritual Gifts

- Becoming A Reiki Practitioner 

- Building A Loving Community Of Like-Minded People


If this speaks to your heart and soul, set up your session today. I am here to support you and help you make sense of this journey as you reach greater heights and begin to live your best life.


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Christine is a kind, caring, sweet, and she is an exceptionally powerful Reiki Healer and an incarnated goddess with amazing abilities to open new pathways in your life. I love working with her and highly recommend her to anyone seeking support.

Tara Rose

Had the most amazing session with Christine of The Fluid Soul and highly recommend this beautiful lady for her ability to intuitively feel in to what is needed for deep healing and transformation. She holds space for you to move through what comes up and gives you gentle guidance to deeper understand your own ability to tap in to your own Thank you Christine.

Rebecca Cardoza

I have spent years and years working on myself. Tearing away the layers of trauma and a ancestral baggage that I carried around. It was always a painful process, that I absolutely hated to do, always seemed to pick the hardest darkest path with very little movement forward. Until one day my path crossed with Christine, I knew instantly that she would play an amazing roll in my healing and transformation. I have attended her drumming circles, her Reiki circles, a Reiki I weekend training and received personal one on one treatments. Every single moment in her presence is magical, beautiful and effortless. My healing with Christine by my side has been a beautiful journey, my light shines brighter, my eyes are open, my path is illuminated and I could have never reached this level of healing without her guidance. She is a true gem and I am grateful she is part my my story.

Michelle Davis

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