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Legacy Retreat

Clearing & Activating the Ancestral Lines

Only 10 Spots Left | Reserve Your Spot Below

Are you ready to live a more fulfilling life?  


Awakening Your Abundance Retreat is about tuning into a light within you that can act as compass and personally assist you in manifesting a life just for you, curated by you! Each of us has a unique path that calls to us from within. An organic way of showing up in the world that is right for us. What does that look like for you? If you could remove all obstacles, what would you like to see on your path? This retreat is the perfect environment to help you explore what it is that you truly desire by offering multiple modalities of healing lead by compassionate Healers & Instructors that are trail blazers in their specialized fields!  Meditation, Reiki, Channeled Messages, Breathwork and the soothing sounds of the Harp to help you nestle inside yourself to discover these new paths that lead you to a fulfilling life. 


What if I told you that there was a path in this world that was paved in opportunities and experiences that were meant to ignite a passion within you. 


A life filled with the stability and support that you yearn for surrounded by individuals that truly see you and value what you bring to the world. A life filled with passion and time to live a joyous life. 


Abundance does not only mean money. Abundance means -having more than enough. What does that look like for you and what kind of life would you create with abundance at your side?

You are a radiant soul!

What you bring to the world is a gift. How you show up, what you stand for and what you create has a purpose and a place. It's unique and extremely rare and it cannot be found anyplace else on this earth. You are the light!


Awakening Your Abundance is about claiming what is already yours. 


The universe is ripe with blessings for everyone. There is more than enough for everyone on this sacred planet to thrive in their own unique way! It's time to give yourself permission to manifest a life that serves your highest good.

During this manifesting retreat you will be diving into those ancient parts of your soul that yearn to be seen and witnessed. We will guide you through a slow process of dissolving blocks and activating that inner compass; with Sound Therapy, Breathwork, Guided Meditations, Reiki and Channeled messages.

There is a new world being manifested for you as we speak. A world of Faith, Trust and Abundance!

  • Are you ready for fresh inspiration that feeds your soul?

  • Are you ready to find new ways to have your needs met?

  • Are you ready for rich life experiences?

  • Are you ready for that solid soul tribe to lift and support you?

  • Are you ready for that divine source connection to guide you?

This highly anticipated, Awakening Your Abundance Retreat will only hold space for 15 souls and will sell out. If any of this resonates with your soul say yes to this retreat and set yourself free. Grab your tribe, your sister or mother and let's set our community ablaze with abundance!

A Full Day Retreat to Nourish Your Soul


Are you ready for 

Divine Blessings to flow to you with ease!

Join us Saturday, May 4th

11 am to 6 pm | Doors Opening 10:45am

 202 E McLoughlin Rd, Vancouver, WA

How the day will unfold...

This beautiful retreat will begin with Activating Breathwork led by Tammy Bux, a Breathwork Instructor and Wellbeing Mentor.


The breath is life. It is your doorway to living through the body in a harmonious way and acts as a conduit for blessings to flow into your life with ease. Through this breathwork segment we open up divine channels for nourishing energy to rise up and activate every cell in the body, harmonizing the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of the sacred vessel that is your home.

To follow, will be channeled messages from Psychic\Medium Wendy Kay. Wendy is a highly intuitive soul with years of experience channeling messages from departed souls, pets and guides. For this retreat she will connect directly to spirit and bring forward messages that will illuminate what is holding us back from our abundance and what we need to do to move into our best life ever.



Taking you deeper into your journey, will be Reiki Master Christine Myers leading the group on Empowering Meditations to clear blocks and eliminate any chains or restrictions that have been placed upon you with or without your consent and awaken the abundance from within!

Bringing in angelic tones will be Olivia Harper with Songbird Sound Therapy playing her harp. The harp is known for it's angelic connection to beings of love and light. This high frequency will be infused into our space and washed over us throughout the day. 

This whole event will be captured and seen through the lens of Victoria Page, a creative photographer of Moonchild Photography.  She will be freezing each moment in time from our opening breathwork sessions to our Closing ceremony.




Christine Myers | Reiki Master

Christine is a certified Reiki Master and soul creator behind The Fluid Soul. It is her mission as a business owner and Reiki Practitioner to normalize healing the mind, body and spirit through energetic channels.

Through her Workshops, YouTube videos, Retreats, One on One Healing Sessions, and Reiki Infused Jewelry she is a lighthouse for those who are seeking change and deep transformation. She is passionate about empowering souls from all walks of life and truly believes we are the main link to our greatest healing & breakthroughs. Christine is able to hold beautiful space for her clients, while their souls gently shift from one phase of life to another and helps to illuminate the path ahead. For more information connect with Christine via email at

Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that is transferred through the practitioner's body and sent to the client or clients. Reiki is a powerful tool for healing that has been around for centuries. It is now being used in medical facilities around the world to help promote faster recovery after surgery, childbirth and infections. It also supports mental health, by releasing suppressed emotions, easing addictions, lowering anxiety, increase stamina for workouts and helps boost creativity. Reiki is not bound by space or time so it can play a major role for future events or unweaving wounds from the past. Reiki will gently be sent throughout this whole event to offer each guest support and guidance for whatever they might need.


It's time to step into your best life ever!


Come dressed in hues of Golds, Whites, and Green to call in these new frequencies as we dive deep to remove those blocks that stifle your wealth.

During our guided meditations we will move through the whole Chakra system to clear any standards or conditionings that reside in the energetic centers. All Chakra centers will be activated and expanded offering space and time to show up authentically. There are multiple roads to your having your needs met, we are opening up to all of them. Even the ones we cannot see or think we are worthy of. These blessing will find you in divine timing and in their own divine way.   


Healing this part of the soul is not only to serve others better, it is to serve yourself on a much deeper and richer level.


Play an active role on this planet. Take up space and discover what makes the heart sing!! Claim your piece of this foundation and create a life well lived. Step into to energy of ease and flow. 

During this retreat you will also have access to-

  • Light Code Activation

  • Ancient Rituals

  • Divine Messages

  • Channeled Card Pulls

  • Clearing & Grounding Stations

  • Aromatherapy

  • Connection to the Higher Self

  • Ancestral Clearing

  • Sisterhood

  • Rooted into Mother Earth

  • Anchoring in that Protective Light

  • Total Body Clearing


         We aim to awaken the Abundance within every woman.


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience. Please join us at the Awakening Your Abundance Retreat and call forth that which you desire!

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

This is your time to thrive and claim what is rightfully yours!


   Please Note:

  • You must be able to climb a short staircase to enter yoga studio as it's the only access to the studio

  • There are No Shoes Allowed in Studio. Please bring cozy socks or slippers with soft soles for your comfort. Please remove shoes before entering and place in cubbies supplied in entryway.

  • Yoga Mats will be provided. Please let us know if you would prefer a chair and we will provide one for you, but it must stay on the yoga mat at all times. The floors are very fragile.

  • Snacks and Lunch will be provided please let us know beforehand if you have any dietary restrictions before the retreat so that we may be able to meet your needs


Your Healing Space 


This bright, spacious Yoga Studio is ours for the day!


Only Stairs, no elevator.

This space has been used by many skilled Healers. It has held dozens of sacred ceremonies and has supported hundreds of souls on similar journeys.

The energy in this space is safe, secure and filled with so much love. It can be found nestled on the top floor of the Bauman Chiropractic Building, in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, WA.

Because Your Worth It


We Cant Wait To Pamper you!

We have selected many EMPOWERING businesses to stock our giveaway bags with Sacred Gifts, Free Trials, Snacks, discounts and special offerings to ensure your healing journey continues even after you leave the retreat

A nourishing lunch will be providedPlease let us know beforehand if there are any diet restrictions we should know about.

Awakening Your Abundance Retreat
Payment Plan Options

This activating abundance retreat is only $444 and will sell out quite fast. If this speaks to your heart and soul and you are yearning for greater abundance, ease, and flow do not miss this transformative, life-changing event.

Your Day Long Retreat Covers: 

Full day of Abundance Activations

Support by Four Amazing Guides & Healers

Breathwork by Tammy

Channeled Messages by Psychic/Medium Wendy

Guided meditations & reiki by Christine

Angelic tones: Harp Music by Oliva

Gift bags with tons of goodies

 Closing Ceremony

Nutritious Lunch

yummy snacks

Paid In Full:

$444 One Payment


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Christine Myers
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