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Inner Peace





About the Course

In today's hectic world, finding inner peace is often a challenge. We burden ourselves with so much—work, family, social life, exercise, hobbies—that it seems endless, almost as if years of monastic practice are required to find balance.

However, Reiki allows us to quiet the external clamor to a whisper, enabling us to maintain an inward, harmonious focus. It's not the noise itself that distracts, but rather our compulsion to engage with it, allowing it to occupy our space. Energy flows where attention goes. Reiki aids in shifting the mind by addressing why we're drawn to distractions, diverting our focus from ourselves.

This is what makes Reiki profoundly effective in such contexts. Watching these videos three times daily integrates Reiki into the subconscious, unlocking this freedom. It's common for Reiki to bring forward emotions, this is how we know reiki is working.

Reiki can be influential even when distractions are beyond your control, subtly affecting others' environments to foster collective peace. For instance, when I had a troublesome roommate who disrupted my tranquility and refused to leave, I utilized Reiki, and within a week, he moved out!

Your path to inner peace could begin with these videos.

Your Instructor

Christine Myers

Christine Myers
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