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Soothing Reiki Sessions

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Christine is a certified Reiki Master and soul creator behind The Fluid Soul. It is her mission as a business owner and Reiki Practitioner to normalize healing the mind, body and spirit through energetic channels. Through her Workshops, YouTube Videos, Healing Reiki Sessions, Intuitive Gifts and Reiki Infused Jewelry, she is a lighthouse for those who are seeking change and deep transformation. She is passionate about empowering souls from all walks of life and truly believes WE are the main link to our greatest healing & breakthroughs. Christine is able to hold beautiful space for her clients, while their souls gently shift from one phase of life to another and helps to illuminate the path ahead. 


Christine has overcome many set backs throughout her life. Her faith in her spirituality has been the foundation to her healing & overcoming these adversities. She now applies many of her own strategies to her teachings with incorporating the ancient drumming practice passed down from her ancestors of the indigenous Sami tribe of Finland. Through the drum she can see images and feel emotions from the past, the present or the future. With her drum she is able to dive in, clear out the old and bring in the new to unlock her clients OWN intuitive compass and manifest their truest desires.


She graciously roots herself deep into mother earth to stay firmly grounded on this planet to allow grace, forgiveness, balance, honesty and truth to show up in a judgment free atmosphere. 


If you have been feeling the stir of life pull you towards your healing and purpose, Christine is a sweet surrender for the soul. A safe place to drop your worries and reclaim your sovereignty.


Ready to step out of the old and into the new?

Let's book your session!

Reiki is a wonderful tool for restoring the body, mind and soul to it's original balanced state. Results will vary, just like any selfcare routine. Each guest will experience different results that suit their current pace of life. Some requiring monthly, weekly or bi-weekly appointments for most beneficial outcome for them. If you are ready to feel lighter and to free yourself from the stale energy that holds you back ,say YES and book your next appointment below!

Welcome to your healing space!


Come Rest & Restore

All my One-on-One In-Person Sessions are held out of Celestial Awakenings Metaphysical Shop in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.


This space has been part of the healing community for over a decade offering souls a safe place to rest, heal and reflect. It is an honor to host sessions for my clients within these walls, that hold so much love and compassion for humans ready for healing. 

My available days in shop are Mondays in Vancouver and Thursdays in Portland. Follow the link below to find available dates and times for both locations. I look forward to assisting you on this journey.


I offer 60 minute In-Person Sessions

$95 per hour

*Payments are due at end of session


Forms of payment accepted:

Sorry but No Credit Cards or Checks Accepted at this time.



Find me at-

Christine Myers



Cash App-







The Fluid Soul

Christine Myers


Cash (exact change only please.)

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