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Reiki 1 Training

Connect with your light & honor your intuition

with the expert guidance of two Reiki Masters


Massage Therapists

Massage Therapist | Training may be used as continuing education

Only 6 Spaces Left  |  Two Private Rooms Left 


 This Reiki Training Only Happens

Once  A Year - Every June


Retreat Training

Thurs - Sun | June 27th - June 30th

Thursday Doors Open 8:30 am | Begin 10 am 

Sunday Check Out 11 am

Out Of Town Guests Who Are Flying In

You Can Arrive Wed Evening To Your Room

During your retreat training enjoy many Reiki Attunements, Guided Meditation, Hands-On Experience to build confidence, Expert Support By Two Experienced Reiki Masters, Deep Healing, Knowledge About The Ancient Reiki Light, and so much more...


Zoom Trainings

Zoom Events Will Be Recorded 

in case You're unable to attend 

Sat, June 9th | 1 pm - 4 pm pst

Before the main retreat, from the comfort of your home meet fellow students, learn important information about Reiki, and enjoy a soothing guided meditation. 

Ongoing Zoom Trainings

Sun, July 21st | 1 pm - 3:30 pm pst

Sun, August 18th | 1 pm - 3:30 pm pst

Meet with your fellow students and two Reiki Masters Christine and Jeanette for ongoing support, guidance, mentorship, and healing. All these Zoom trainings will be recorded in case you are unable to attend. But we highly recommend you make your calendars and put in an effort to attend the live training.

Please do your best to attend All three


The Details

Cold Mountians
Portland Oregon Brand-40_websize.jpg

Who Can Join This Retreat? 


Anyone with a deep desire to learn about Reiki is warmly welcome to join. Anyone who aches to step into greater levels of empowerment is lovingly invited forward. Anyone who is intrigued by healing journey and focused on their own healing is joyfully received. 


It doesn't matter if you're hearing about Reiki for the first time and are brand new to the spiritual world, or if you have been attuned and trained before and have been on this journey for many years, if your heart and soul is guiding you forward you are welcomed to this event. 


The truth is anyone at any stage in their journey, at any age, for any reason can receive Reiki training. 

Been Trained In Reiki Before?

You Can Still Join Us!


Those who have been trained and attuned in Reiki before can receive as many attunments as they are guided by as many teachers as they desire. Those who have been attuned multiple times by multiple teachers have said they greatly benefited from these multiple trainings.


Each time you receive a  Reiki Training and an attunement you take your connection with Reiki and your soul to new levels!

Because there are many Reiki Lineages, if you've been attuned by another lineage, we ask that you start at Reiki 1 with us before entering into the Reiki 2 or Reiki Master trainings. 


Before your Reiki 1 training, and to set you up for the greatest success, you must view all 4 videos located on this website to prepare yourself for this empowering journey.

goddess 17.jpg


Do you feel a stirring deep within, a burning desire to live authentically? A yearning to bring your abilities to heal and comfort yourself, your family, and loved ones to new levels?

Are you craving time in sacred space to replenish your reserves, connect with your soul's purpose, and uncover why you are here on Earth and what you're capable of? 

Has your heart and soul been aching to discover what it means to be a lightworker, healer, empath, intuitive, and how to use your gifts to uplift others and bring greater peace, balance, and light into your life? 

Have you been waiting for the right teachers, mentors, and guides to show up to compassionately support you through a deeply sacred journey of healing, self-discovery, soul alignment, and greater states of empowerment and abundance.

If you've said yes to any of these, then this Reiki training has been perfectly crafted just for you and you are warmly invited to join myself, co-teacher Jeanette Hieter and a group of other spiritual seekers on a sacred journey as we explore the magical world Reiki, further open our third eye, expand our consciousnesses, unlock the codes of abundance, activate our manifestation abilities and learn how to use ancient light to heal our body, mind, and soul.




If this speaks to your heart and soul you are warmly invited to this empowering, luxurious, deeply healing Reiki Training


Is This Training Right For You?

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is one of the most sought after, globally recognized energetic healing tools in the world. This gentle, easy-to-learn, yet deeply profound light offers you and all those it comes into contact with greater feelings of peace, empowerment, inner balance, physical/mental/emotional healing, and a deeper connection with your true self.



Anyone, at any time in their life, at any stage of their spiritual journey, for any reason can learn how to use this beautiful healing energy known as Reiki.

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) was officially discovered and given a name in 1922 by Japanese man Mikao Usui. Usui felt guided to name this healing energy "Reiki", which  translates from Japanese to "Universal Life Force Energy."  Reiki is used throughout the world, including thousands of hospitals, for its healing qualities. While Usui "discovered" Reiki and gave it a name, it is actually an ancient light that has existed for eons and has been used by healers throughout history.

Reiki allows deep, profound, gentle healing to naturally occur within the body, mind, and soul. Through the use of this modality, practitioners transfer Reiki, or Universal Life-Force Energy, through the palms into a recipient, allowing for a state of healing, peace, balance, and harmony to naturally occur. 

Reiki can be, and often is, effectively combined with many modalities such as massage, coaching, reflexology, and acupuncture. Many practitioners use Reiki to heal and uplift chakras, plants, animals, children, loved ones, and themselves. They also use Reiki to bless foods, medicines, and crystals. Reiki can be used to bless or energetically clear a room, enhance your ability to manifest, further advance your intuitive gifts, increase your ability to navigate through conflict, heal old emotional wounds, more quickly heal through injury, soothe traumas, comfort anxieties, and calm a racing mind. These are just a few examples of how Reiki can help as there is ultimately no limit to what Reiki can assist with. 

Each individual's connection to Reiki is unique and will flow through you in a personal way. Opening up to and experiencing this energetic form of healing is a unique experience that cannot be predicted or forced. It is best to come with an open mind and heart and allow the connection to move through you in its unique way, time, and pacing.

In this training you will take your natural healing and intuitive abilities to new levels.


How you choose to utilize Reiki is absolutely up to you. For Example: Some students will choose to become professional Reiki Practitioners, while other students will decide to utilize the healing energy of Reiki for personal use only. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to integrate Reiki into your life. Whichever way you are guided to us Reiki in your daily living is perfect...


Once you are attuned to Reiki you will be connected to this healing energy for the rest of your life! This is a wonderful investment in yourself, your own self care and, if you choose, in your professional life.

What You'll Learn

During this amazing Training you will receive multiple Reiki Attunements by myself, Reiki Master Christine, and Reiki Master Jeanette.


Being attuned to Reiki means you will become what is called a "Reiki Practitioner" and be able to use Reiki healing on yourself, your loved ones, and your community. 


This sacred journey has been divinely crafted to set you up for the most success possible. To not only provide you with proper training, but also set up for deep healing as you release what no longer serves you and step more fully into who you truly are on a soul level: Sacred, Free, and Sovereign.


During this robust, intuitively curated training, you will be led on multiple healing Guided Meditations.


These Guided Meditations Will Help You To:

  • Clear Your Chakras 

  • Ignite your Inner Light

  • Activate Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Deepen your Connection With Source & Your Higherself

  • Expand Your Heart Space

  • Bring Healing, Enlightenment, And Release 

Myself and Jeanette have created every part of this Training & Retreat with you in mind to set you up for success on your healing journey.


During This Event Also Enjoy: 

  • Intuitive Card Pulls

  • Sound Healing 

  • Drum Clearing

  • Delicious Snacks

  • Sacred Gifts

Lessons Will Include:

  • The inspiring history of Reiki.

  • The multitude of ways to use Reiki to enhance your life and the life of those around you.

  • How to create safe, sacred space for yourself and others that you share the healing light of Reiki with.​

  • How Reiki flows through you and how you can use it to transform your life.

  • Release fears, worries, and blocks that may be keeping you from living the life you desire.

  • Receive adequate time to bring into balance your Chakras via Guided Meditations and receive adequate time for personal healing to support yourself on your journey as you learn.

  • ​Connect with other like-minded community members.​​

  • Receive Multiple Reiki Level 1 Attunements from two Reiki Masters Jeanette Hieter & Christine, which activates the healing light in your body and hands and enhances your intuition.

  • Three Zoom trainings to offer ongoing support, answer questions, strengthen your connection with your community, give you the opportunity for healing, and provide ongoing comprehensive mentorship. 

  • At the end of the retreat, you'll receive a Certificate of completion during a Sacred All White Ceremony at dusk, where everyone will be dressed in their favorite all-white attire to represent this life-changing rebirth!


You will also get a Reiki Manual to take home to use throughout your Reiki courses. Remember, there are 3 courses total! Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 & Reiki Master. 
This retreat is limited to only 10 students so please RSVP now before we fill up.  


What Makes This Training So Unique?

During our trainings we provide access to sacred space, in-depth teaching, comprehensive coaching, and time to dive deep into your own healing journey.


In our fast-paced world, many Reiki trainings have been crafted with speed in mind, offering a few hours of coaching with little guidance or ongoing support. After this short amount of time, students are often attuned (connected to this healing light), certified, and able to practice energy work on others.


While there is ultimately no "right" or "wrong" way to embark on your spiritual journey, and we want to highlight that fast-paced trainings do a wonderful job at getting Reiki into the hands of many people, we felt when we were students this model was dissatisfying and we desired more. More time with our teachers, more ongoing support, and in-depth training to help us hone in on our abilities and feel confident as a healer.  We also quickly discovered we weren't alone!


We have found that our students are yearning for so much more!



Our students desire support through the healing journey. They ache for ongoing mentorship and crave greater guidance, answers to difficult questions, deeper understanding of the healing journey, and insight into how to effectively support their clients or loved ones through difficult times. They hope to have greater access to their teachers and connection with a beautiful community of like-minded individuals.


Our students want to take time to dive deep, understand their soul and develop their sacred relationship with Reiki.

During our Retreat Trainings we provide you with an opportunity to take your connection with your soul and Reiki to new levels.


As dedicated, passionate teachers we are here to help you truly understand what Reiki is, how it can benefit your life and the life of those around you and help you to develop your own sacred connection with this ancient light.



We are here to assist you in feeling confident and comfortable with Reiki, what it can offer you and how it can light up the world. Not all of our students desire to become Reiki Practitioners after training, but for those who do we find we produce more successful, confident spiritual teachers, readers and healers who go on to offer life changing retreats, classes and experiences for their students and clients.​

Reason 1:

This Training Is Unique

Access To Two Reiki Masters

The first thing that stands out and sets our Retreat Trainings apart from others is the fact that you receive dedicated support, guidance and mentorship by two Reiki Master Teachers who truly care about you, your comfort, your sense of confidence and connection with the healing light known a Reiki.


In most trainings Reiki students have access to only one Reiki Master to guide them on this sacred journey. While there is nothing wrong with having access to one Reiki Master, receiving comprehensive, focused support by two mentors greatly assists you in deepening your understanding of Reiki. Each teacher offers their unique flavor, personal experience, expertise, insight and knowledge. Your access to expert guidance can greatly increase your understanding and personal connection with Reiki.


By having the support of two Reiki Masters, students are able to receive more one-on-one support, satisfying and comprehensive answers to their questions as well as emotional support. This can set you up for greater levels of success. 

It is my and Jeanette's life mission to provide all our clients and students with soul-enriching experiences.


We are truly dedicated to helping each and every student uncover the truth of what Reiki means to them as they learn to embody their soul's expression.

We are here to help you uncover the beauty of the healing journey, here to support you in developing an enriching connection with your soul, advancing your intuition, activating your manifestation abilities, bringing greater balance into your life, and activating your soul purpose. 

Reason 2:

This Training Is Unique

In-Depth Support

Ongoing Mentorship

During this sacred training, you will receive:


  • Three Online Zoom Trainings

  •  Four-Day Reiki Retreat Training

  • Continued support via a Facebook Reiki Group with access to fellow students and two Reiki Masters

These multiple trainings provide you with much-needed time to develop your abilities as a healer, advance your connection with Reiki, ask questions, receive emotional support, and begin to feel comfortable and connected with the divine light known as Reiki.

While there is ultimately no "right" or "wrong" way to learn Reiki, many only have access to a few hours of training without much mentorship or guidance. We have personally heard many stories of people who experienced Reiki Trainings where they felt the information they received was incomplete, disconnected, and confusing. They felt abandoned and unsure of how to move forward.


We have personally met Reiki Masters (Reiki Masters are those who have reached the highest level of training and are certified to train others) who do not understand what Reiki is, have not developed a personal relationship with this profound energy, and struggle with feeling confident in giving Reiki treatments to themselves or others.


While we believe every teacher is simply doing their best and is often simply providing the level of training they received from their teacher, we find that our students are yearning for something more.


They are longing for ongoing support, guidance, and mentorship. They are hoping to masterfully develop their skills as a lightworker and may want to pass down their knowledge to others. They desire to find their unique, authentic way to connect with Reiki, understand their soul's light, and advance their spiritual practice or business. 

We are passionate about creating in-depth, sacred events for greater soul evolution and consciousness expansion. We are here to help you feel confident, comfortable, and deeply connected to Reiki, your soul, your purpose, and your healing journey.

Reason 3:

This Training Is Unique

Retreat Setting

Often Reiki trainings are hosted in people's homes or in rental spaces where students head home directly after the training. While there is nothing wrong with this, something magical and deeply special happens when you are able to spend a few nights in a luxury location without any of the daily hassles or responsibilities of home life pulling you in multiple directions.


As you sleep you integrate all you've learned. Waking up in sacres space, surrounded by crystals, eating delicious homemade meals, and diving even deeper into your training free of distractions from family, home, and daily life is a truly unique experience that greatly enhances your journey and ability to absorb new information.

In a retreat setting, you're able to have the space needed to really explore this new realm of light and understand the beauty of this ancient energy. Even Reiki Masters who have chosen to retake Reiki 1 Training with us at our retreats have shared how much more profound this training is when they are learning in a sacred environment without distractions.

battle ground house.jpg

Your Healing Sanctuary...

We will be staying in a gorgeous 5,000 square foot mansion in Battle Ground, WA with a large backyard surrounded by mature trees.


This home is bright, uplifting and is the perfect backdrop for a deeply healing, transformative experience to receive your Level 1 Reiki Attunements!


There is lots of space to move, ground, and stretch your body. Plenty of extra rooms to connect with your peers, to share experiences and bonding. 


This home is decorated with fresh decor and clean rooms to spend time reflecting on how Reiki would like to connect with you and your soul.


Feel free to roam outside and integrate this new layer of Reiki. The back patio has plenty of chairs overlooking the manicured lawn and trees. Or spend your time on the cozy wrap-around porch with a hot cup of tea star gazing at the Night Sky.


Can you feel that release and renewal?


You've been waiting for it and it's time my love!


*Please note that this property has a steep driveway and a set of stairs leading to the front door as well as a stairwell to the upper and lower levels.


Sunday, after check out, you will be gifted with an entire day of free time so you may integrate your new Reiki Light into your body.


Some will choose to head home to rest and integrate on Sunday, others will choose to spend time in nature, journal, and dip their toes in water before heading home.


There is a beautiful 159 Acre park near our Reiki Retreat home called Lewisville Park which is highly recommended for those who feel called to nature

Special Guest


To Further Enhance Your Reiki 1 Training We Are Inviting A Special Guest


Petya of

Erato Musings

Reiki Infused Health Elixirs

We have another way to pamper you. A woman who makes Reiki Infused Elixirs will be bringing her mixtures for us Friday and Saturday during lunch break.


Petya makes them fresh on the spot and has infused them with Reiki.  She’s attuned to Reiki on the same lineage as us and will curated a special menu for our group.

Each drink comes with your choice of  adaptogen.

Adaptogens are herbs, roots, and other plant substances (like mushrooms) that help our bodies manage and adapt to stress.


To Be Considered An Adaptogen:

  1. Must support the entire body's ability to cope with stress

  2. Help the body return to a stable state

  3. Help regulate endocrine, nervous, immune, digestive, and cardiovascular.

Your first drink is free gift from us to you. Each additional drink is $7.



We Will Collect A List Of Everyone's Allergies And Food Preferences ie Vegetarian Or Vegan


Doors Open at 8:30 am

We begin at 10 am

Breakfast will not be available on Thursday. Please feel free to eat before you arrive or bring a meal to eat onsite.

Complementary Lunch

Delicious veggie and meat sandwich options, soups, hummus plate, salads etc. 

Delicious Dinner Provided 

Nutritious Snacks Provided Throughout The Day



Self Serve Breakfast

Eggs, toast, bagels, greek yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, sausage, veggies, tea & coffee.

Self Serve Lunch

Delicious veggie and meat sandwich options, soups, hummus plate, salads etc. 

Delicious Dinner Provided 

Nutritious Snacks

Provided Throughout The Day


Self Serve Breakfast

Eggs, toast, bagels, greek yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, sausage, veggies, tea & coffee.

Self Serve Lunch

Delicious veggie and meat sandwich options, soups, hummus plate, salads etc. 

Delicious Dinner Provided 

Nutritious Snacks

Provided Throughout The Day



Self Serve Breakfast

Eggs, toast, bagels, greek yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, sausage, veggies, tea & coffee.

11 am Check Out Time

Payment Plans


If You Feel The Call In Your Heart And Yearning In Your Soul This Event Is Right For You

battle ground house 5.jpg

Your All-Inclusive, Luxurious

Reiki 1 Training Covers

  • Four days and three nights in a 5,000-square-foot mansion.

  • Three Zoom Trainings that will provide quality, expert-level support, healing, and mentorship. 

  • Reiki Level 1 Certification 

  • Extensive Reiki 1 Manual 

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Mentorship, guidance, and support from two expert Reiki Masters who truly care. 

  • In-depth training on the history of Reiki, how to allow reiki to flow through you, and hands-on practice.  

  • Multiple Reiki Attunements by two Reiki Masters. A Reiki Attunment is when Reiki is anchored down into your body, becoming available to your for the rest of your life. Each attunement enhances your connection to Reiki. 

  • Multiple intuitively channeled guided mediations from Christine and Jeanette to foster deep healing. 

  • Self-Care Stations available during the retreat: Foot soak, oracle cards, essential oil, and smudging stations. 

  • Reiki-infused health elixirs created by Reiki Practioners Peyta.  

  • Thoughtful gift bag.

  • Most importantly life-changing experiences with an amazing new tribe of people in sacred space that you'll carry with you for the rest of your life

This event only happens once a year and price will increase next year.

Option 1:  Master Suite With Your Own Private Bathroom

Currently Available

Private Master Suite
Payment In Full

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Private Master Suite
Once a Month for Two Months

Private Master Suite
Once A Month For 4 Months
Private Master Suite
Twice A Month For 5 Months
Only Available In October & November



Private Master Bathroom


Option 2: Private Queen Bedroom 

One Bed Available


Private Queen Bedroom


Payment In Full 



PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Private Queen Bedroom


Once A Month For 2 Months



Private Queen Bedroom


Once A Month For 4 Months




Reserved  for Ashley


Reserved  for Kattie

Private Queen Bedroom


Twice A Month For 5 Months

Only Available In October & November




Option 3: Private Twin Bedroom  



Private Twin Bedroom


Reserved  for Amanda

Option 4: Shared Bedroom  |  Twins & 2 Full Beds Available

Two Sofa BedsTaken  |  Located In Bright Basement, Ground Level

Shared Room


Payment in Full


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Shared Room


Once A Month For 2 Months


Shared Room


Twice A Month For 4 Months


Shared Room


 Twice A Month For 5 Months





Full  Bed Available


Two Twin | 1 Full Available

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