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About the Course

Deciding to adopt a new diet is a wonderful act of self-care!

People embark on new diets for various reasons, like health benefits, weight loss, and allergies, among many others. The common goal of all, is to help you thrive! A balanced diet offers numerous advantages, but breaking old habits is often challenging. Food is celebrated in every culture worldwide. We love food, especially GOOD food. It gives us that feeling of being cared for because that's what food is supposed to do. Yet, in the United States, dietary habits have become alarmingly unhealthy, leading to a rise in allergies and autoimmune diseases. Many American food products are even banned in other countries. Therefore, it's understandable that many are now seeking healthier ways to feed their bodies.

Loving food doesn't have to change, even when it's beneficial for us!

Reiki can assist in gently eliminating the threads that tie you to unhealthy eating patterns. Often, emotional attachments are linked to such habits.

As Reiki works subtly, it's essential to be mindful of any emotions or sensations that arise, acknowledging them and allowing them to pass.

Feel free to watch this series as much as you need, taking breaks whenever necessary. The emotional journey to a healthy diet can be intense if the feelings run deep. Give yourself plenty grace and allow a gentle unfolding to take place.

Remember to use your free printable to monitor your progress, and when you're ready, explore my other videos for more powerful healing.

Your Instructor

Chrisitne Myers

Chrisitne Myers
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